"We are in the labour of love, co-creating with nature
to weave together a regenerative culture"

Rohan Guyot-Sutherland 


Welcome to the CASA ATLAS! A self-sufficient home, designed to be net positive and able to withstand natural disasters in California.

Synergetic Systems of the Casa Atlas

At Regenerative Systems, we offer solutions and design strategies that build high performance structures. These designs aim to connect and complement the immediate environment and focus on natural aspects which have contributed to human health and well-being.


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We aim to build restorative structures that encourage a regenerative lifestyle which can be effectively experienced in homes, public spaces and the workplace. These resilient and equitable models are inspired by nature as well as ancient and modern technologies.


Aircrete dome

Our principles are based on research and the integration of multifunctional components. We believe that functional spaces are not static and thus, an interactive design process aims to respond to the environment in order to renew and revitalize resources and materials. With this approach, synergies and virtuous circles are created and all components are integrated to ensure maximum efficiency.


Our mission is to implement a holistic model which serves the operation of closed loop systems that are culturally rich and ecologically restorative. We promote dynamic designs and develop incentives which allow individuals and communities to thrive and benefit the biosphere as a whole.

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"Innovative and creative designs that are adapted to the local ecology and community" Lynn Fang

"Regenerative Systems is doing amazing work bringing people together providing education programs that teach skills paramount to a regenerative future." Michael Moore

"Ideas that people can use to be the change they want in the world." Brenda O'Connor

"Regenerative Systems has a widespread knowledge of many different subject areas and finds ways to integrate these different components into autonomous and sensible systems." Benoït Clément

"Working with nature to improve our living on this planet is a symbiotic relationship. The unique innovations of Regenerative Systems are inspiring to creating this balance." Cathryn MacEllerhan

"These people are great at coming up with environmentally conscious solutions that work! Very excited for the future of this company in a time that needs them the most!" Brandon Battista

"These people are deeply commited to changing the way in which we live bringing construction and lifestyle into a sustainable balance." Zoe Beale

"With all your years of hands-on cumulative experience, all things regenerative has become more than just theory but, effective application. Thank you for always giving your best to helping people find sustainable solutions!" Ahmahtsiyahu Yisrael

"One of the most exciting and important aspects of your work, is that you take us to what we can do RIGHT NOW. These actionable steps connect us immediately with solutions that bring great benefit all the way to the collective Whole. Every choice we make from here out urges us to look at the Big Picture. Regenerative Systems is where the rubber meets the road." Tina Thornton

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