Synergetic Systems of the Casa Atlas

Our Mission

For over 10 years Regenerative Systems has offered tailored solutions promoting self-sufficiency and regenerative practices throughout the world.

We aim to build and promote a regenerative lifestyle, from living accommodation through to education, leisure and the workplace.

Our systems are inspired by nature as well as ancient and modern technologies in order to create synergies and virtuous circles, where each component both contributes to and benefits from the whole.



We offer a free 30-minute consultation to assess your needs. Our expertise covers:

- Bioclimatic Architecture
- Natural Building
- Renewable Energy
- Water Harvesting
- Waste Water Treatment
- Food Production
- Sustainable Landscaping

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Whether you want to build a new sustainable structure or retrofit an existing one, we offer unique, holistic designs that suit your needs and budget. 

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Whether you are a property owner, contractor, or simply interested in becoming more self-sufficient, our online training resources provide you with the tools and knowledge to undertake your own regenerative projects.

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