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Our Story

We are a diverse group of dedicated professionals who add value and their expertise to a vision that is constantly evolving and expanding. We are motivated by a mutual goal to implement regenerative solutions that build a resilient and hopeful future for all local stakeholders, and beyond.

We have participated in multiple local and global projects to demonstrate the benefits of sustainable construction, regenerative landscaping and social inclusiveness. As a result, we are constantly learning, cultivating new ideas and widening our scope of work. Repeated engagement with diverse contexts has enhanced our capacity to include, understand and fulfill the needs of all those involved. 

Our initial work involved designing and building fully self-sufficient homes. We have since extended our scope of work to include public and private sectors, as well as humanitarian and disaster relief efforts.

Our Approach

We embrace an adaptive response and appreciate challenges as opportunities for growth and the integration of new solutions. This holistic approach provides research and promotes education across all spheres and communities. Our interdisciplinary team collaborates in establishing designs which reconcile the gap between development and respect for the natural environment. And thus, our systems are designed to work equitably, efficiently and with synergy.

Meet the Team

We are proud to introduce you to our team, each one of us bringing vital input to the success of our mission.

Sustainable Orphanage Presentation

Rohan Guyot-Sutherland

Founder & CEO

Rohan is a designer, builder, teacher and advocate of Regenerative Practices around the world.

With a keen eye for the inherent synergies found in nature, he uses biomimicry to shape  the built environment in an efficient, eco-friendly way.

He has managed a wide range of projects relating to self-sufficiency and adaptation to climate change, either for individuals, companies, NGOs or international institutions.

Rohan also believes in giving back to the planet and communities in need. By sharing his wealth of knowledge, he tries to promote a regenerative lifestyle whenever he can.

Florencia Maciel

Architect and Graphic Designer 

As a licensed Architect from Argentina, Florencia specializes in Bioclimatic Architecture and Permaculture.

She has a vast experience in traditional and eco-building, as well as Urban Planning.

Florencia first worked with Rohan on building several Earthships and later became one of the founding members of Eco-CASA, which carries out Humanitarian and Disaster Relief projects around the world.

For the last two years she has been specializing in organic agriculture, working on different projects of urban gardens in India and the Caribbean.


Anaïs Dervaes

Urban Farmer and Agro-Ecologist

Anais is the co-founder of the Urban Homestead, a family owned and operated urban farm with a mission to cultivate food and community based on urban sustainability and agriculture.

She is passionate about food, health and regenerative whole life systems.  She loves hiking, foraging and spending time in the kitchen creating tasty meals, canning and fermenting foods.

For the last 20 years she and her family have been advocates of sustainable living, she enjoys sharing her knowledge, teaching and inspiring people of all ages.


Frederick E Gaghauna

Social Inclusion and Community Development 

Freddy is a Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist who has been involved in various projects for 15 years in various countries, including Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar and Malawi.

Freddy’s technical expertise relates to social and financial inclusion, community development and ICT.

He is also very interested in permaculture and regenerative development and runs a
community based learning center in Lumajang, East Java, Indonesia.