Earthquake and fire-proof


Following the latest fires that ravaged parts of California, we decided to design a home that is ideal for this climate, while being resistant to both earthquakes and wildfires. The materials used to build the house are natural, non-toxic and in conformity with building codes. All sustainable systems have been added to the home design in order to achieve self-sufficiency.

Humanitarian aid

Eco-CASA, Autonomous Orphanage

We had the pleasure to design and build a self-sufficient center for orphans in Cameroon. During the process, local workers were trained and have since carried out their own projects using the techniques learnt.

Disaster Relief

Minga Valpo

As a part of Minga Valpo collective ( we rebuilt houses, botanical gardens, and community spaces for the victims of the fire in Valparaiso, Chile.

Disaster Relief


Following landslides, we intervened to help victims of the tragedy. Based on their needs we built two dry toilets and a botanical cell that reuses kitchen water to grow food.

Humanitarian aid

Masai School in Ngorongoro Reservation

We plan to build a school for Masai children and housing for their teachers in Endulen, a remote Masai village in the Ngorongoro Reservation, Tanzania.

Humanitarian aid

OMAH SINAU, Learning Center

We have designed a community center for a village in Indonesia, based on the needs and the resources of the members involved.