Bioclimatic Architecture

We offer a wide range of natural building techniques that allow your house to passively heat and cool itself

Water Management

We offer different methods of water harvesting, filtration, reuse of waste waters and drought tolerant landscaping

Renewable Energy

Wether you would like an off-grid power source or a hybrid system, we offer various forms of energy; including solar, wind, hydro and biogas

Food Production

We offer cheap and low-maintenance systems to grow your own natural food

5 SummerA


The house is protected from solar radiation in the summer and insulated from the outside heat using non-toxic local materials.


Exposure to the winter sun allows for solar gain. The house is thus kept warm in the coldest months thanks to the thermal mass inside.

6 WinterA
8 Convection

Natural Convection Cooling System

No electricity is needed to cool the house in the hottest months thanks to our proven passive cooling system.

Water Harvesting System

We are able to provide you with clean filtered water, which was either harvested from the rain, dew or atmospheric condensation.

10 Rain Water
11 SewageA

Sewage System

We are able to contain all waste waters onsite. Our biodigester is able to provide you with gas whilst treating your black water.

Electric System

You can get all the electricity you need thanks to our solar, wind and hydro systems.

9 ElectticA
12 WateringA

Irrigation System

We use your gray water to irrigate your garden/landscape. The landscape itself is designed in the most efficient way to require the minimum input of waste and clean waters.

Vegetable Garden

Wether you want to grow food on a rooftop or in your own backyard, we provide you with the right tools and methods to reach food autonomy.

14 Garden

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